Raising A Gender Neutral Child

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Sugar spice and everything nice,that 's what little girls are made of. Between the pink bows and frilly dresses, being a “little girl” was never in my agenda as a child. Drastically different from their counterparts, the rough and tumbles of boys seemed more inviting, more me. Boy and girl were the only boxes to be in when I was growing up.To everyone else it was an easy decision,not much thought or after thought of the matter. There was no decision for me, not one I was willing to make. No box for me to be put into and none made for me. When it came down to who I was,what I was, my reply was simple: I am both, I am neither, I am me. I was raised without the constraints of having pronouns define me. I was raised outside the jurisdiction of a concept most found an essential part of growing up. I was raised gender neutral. Raising a gender neutral child ( GNK) or gender neutral (GNP) parenting isn’t that foriegn of a concept as most believe it to be . Being gender neutral is the idea that policies, language , and other social institutions avoid a set gender role. It is often times confused with androgyny , being both masculine and feminine . I was not both a boy and a girl, a question I am frequently asked by others. My gender is not unrecognizable (something, common with androgynous people). My gender was simply undefined by the societal definition of what it should be.There are two sides to gender neutrality: GNK/GNP, where you are a product of this mindset or enforce
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