Raising Boys And Girls The Same Way

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Raise boys and girls the same way." -Jenny Holzer. Stop raising 'sirs ' & 'hers, ' just raise kids! Media is putting kids into boxes predicated on their gender and attributes their activities and interests to their sex rather than their social condition and standing. Through media, they bombard society with the idea that girls prefer dolls and boys prefer trucks. Gender stereotypes and perceptions are the pictures that are bogged down into our minds which are nothing more than simplistic generalizations and accusations about the mixed beliefs, behaviors, characteristics, and roles that are applied to a particular gender. These received ideas about genders were built from how civilization acted and what they practiced from earlier periods in time which do not actually communicate accurate information about others. Stereotypes are neither inherently good nor evil; they reside in the purpose to which it is put. The representation of stereotypes through the use of media portrays both genders ambiguous role positively and negatively but tends to characterize and personate the more negative side. Today the press spends too much time on trying to give off the mindset of how men & women should be, in reality it destructs a person’s individuality and creativeness having far wide-ranging consequences that should not be taken only on nominal value. Greatly lodged in our society, the issue of gender stereotypes has peregrinated to an extent of defining the exact nature of people. If
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