Raising Cattle Raiser Research Paper

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Raising cattle is no easy feat. How much time and money do you suppose is demanded upon cattle raisers? Probably more than you could fathom. A cattle raiser has to be ready for the inevitable encounters faced by the industry. Loyalty to your livestock’s health as well as enhancing your marketing skills is vital in cattle production. As a business, Jones Cattle has many responsibilities that require provision, resourcefulness, managing, innovation, and above all, protecting the cattle themselves. Here are five key things to take into consideration when raising cattle.
1. Knowledge and wisdom of the industry
In order to succeed in the cattle business, it is vital you can recognize high quality calves. You have to know if a heifer or a bull is good or not before you buy it and breed it to make babies to sell. Also, the cattle industry is frequently fluctuating. With that being said, ones knack on remaining up-to-date with whether it be technology or equipment, and raising good cattle
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Do I want to raise cattle for beef, dairy or showing? Am I aiming to have a large cattle operation or just a small one? You also have to decide why you want to do it and know that some breeds are appropriate for big businesses and others are more profitable for smaller ones.
3. Importance of animal health
Just as it is important that humans take in proper nutrition to remain healthy, it is imperative for cattle as well. Proper nutrition is imperative to raising healthy cattle, but there are plenty of other health dynamics to take into account. Sicknesses and injuries of your cattle can be expensive and can also hurt your business. Having a vet that you trust to care for your calves needs is important in order to prevent those from happening, and especially when it comes to vaccinations. Getting your cattle the proper treatment they need is the only way to keep them alive and healthy.
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