Raising Children

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Darrell L. Rogers August 31, 2011 UNV-303 University Success Professor Kristen Dicarlo Having children comes as natural as eating; being a good parent comes only with a little work and effort. So many times in our society we see examples of bad parenting. No child is born with a how to manual and this is why the whole family needs to be involved in the child’s life. There use to be an old saying “It takes a community to raise a child”, but to many times it is the community that has became the most dangerous to the child. Doing my research for this paper I have found numerous resources available to parents to help them along the way. This paper will look at good parenting techniques using “The Top Ten Parenting Tips” by DR…show more content…
Children cannot develop a moral compass unless people around them use the clear, sharp language of right and wrong.” I agree with this totally. Never should anyone have cause to curse at their children. I have always told my children cursing is a sign of poor communication skills. I have never spoken to my children like a baby. Speak to your children like people and they will develop a vocabulary like a person should, provide them with a dictionary so they can look up words they did not understand during the conversation or allow them to ask during the conversation. Following this as developed its own problems in life; all my children have had issues with talking with children of their own age due to the level of conversation. “Punish with a loving heart. Today, punishment has a bad reputation. The results are guilt-ridden parents and self-indulgent, out-of-control children. Children need limits. They will ignore these limits on occasion. Reasonable punishment is one of the ways human beings have always learned. Children must understand what punishment is for and know that its source is parental love.” I agree with this statement in it’s entirely. In today’s society government has made it a bad thing for children to be punished. I think a tap on the bottom is fine when they are young to teach them right from wrong. I have never seen a reason to raise the voice. Take the child into a room explain what they did wrong and what the
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