Essay about Raising Fish in Fish Farms

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Fish is a great source of protein and provides people their basic dietary needs on a daily basis. According to the Huffington Post, 1 billion people around the world rely on fish as their man source of protein. But this also comes at a cost. “Due to overfishing, over 70% of the world's fish are either fully exploited or depleted.” Luckily, fish farms have stepped up and have become a major part of how we obtain fish in our diets. They take very little space, they can be controlled, and they provide large numbers of seafood rather than having to deplete natural stocks of fish. With growing concerns of dropping numbers of fish in the wild, solutions like fish farms have given us alternatives to harvesting fish. They allow us to monitor fish…show more content…
The concern with that would be if these nonnative species escaped, they may out-compete the native fish and overpopulate the area which would have even further environmental problems.
Another method which is normally the next step in the process of is ranching. Ranching is where juveniles are captured and then grown to harvest size on farms. This is especially helpful with highly profitable species like bluefin tuna that can be fattened to harvesting size in a much shorter time compared to wild tuna.
A type of pen for holding a variety of fish species are submersible net pens. They are designed to be just offshore and, as the name says, they are underwater netted pens that can hold thousands of fish per pen. This method can be damaging to the local environment because water flows freely through the cages, carrying fish waste, uneaten food and chemicals into the surrounding water. Also, since the pens are open, there's the potential for farm diseases to transfer to wild fish populations.

In addition to concerns about the high use of feed and waste from such farming operations, ranched species can't contribute to their natural ecosystems, threatening the overall health of those environments. Submersible net pens can be very harmful to the surrounding environment. Because the fish are in
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