Raising Funding For The Opportunity Village Essay

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Methodology Introduction

This section will discuss the various forms of research methods used to approach the central problem regarding raising funding for the Opportunity Village. It is important that all of the sources utilized in this project are credible and applicable to the central issue at hand.

In addition to finding solutions to raise funding for the non-profit organization, other goals that are kept in mind throughout the research process include: sources of funding, the organization’s networks, as well as previous earnings and spending.

Many of the information found are generated towards solving the problem and developing insight on this local, non-profit organization. Utilizing these credible sources have granted the group the opportunity to develop solutions that the Opportunity Village will find beneficial. Research Design

It was important for the group to have a question that the research related to. The question that was central to this report was: How can the non-profit organization, Opportunity Village, maximize its funding? With this question in mind, the group sought out resources that were able to help develop numerous solutions that were not only credible, but efficient in solving the problem as well.

After developing the fundamental question, the group divided the topic of maximizing funding into four different questions. The reason behind dividing the topic into only four different categories/questions is because they decided to
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