Raising Global Supplies and Lower-Than-Expected Demand': Article Analysis

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Article Analysis The article I intend to analyze in this text appeared in the Yahoo! Business & Finance website. The article points out that "raising global supplies and lower-than-expected demand" for oil most particularly in China and the U.S. has led to a drop in the price of the same and consequently, a decrease in the price of gasoline (AAP, 2013). In this text, I will largely focus on the trends in consumption patterns of gasoline. The relevance of gasoline as an energy source cannot be overstated. Indeed, for years, internal combustion engines have mainly been powered using gasoline. Today, gasoline remains one of the most commonly used fuels not only in the transportation sector but also in the industrial sector. In the transportation sector, gasoline is used to power the engines of a wide range of transportation mediums including but not limited to trucks, cars, motorbikes, boats, etc. It is also important to note that after undergoing further refinery, gasoline is commonly used as aviation fuel. Gasoline is also used at the industrial level to power generators. Some entities also use gasoline as a raw material in the manufacture of various products including but not limited to insecticides and pesticides. As I have already pointed out in the introductory section, the decline in the price of gasoline witnessed this month has been as a result of a decrease in the price of oil which has in turn been triggered by "rising global supplies and lower-than-expected
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