Raising Hope Analysis

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“Raising Hope” aired in 2010 receiving 3.1 million views, opening with a chance encounter with a wanted felon that leads to the conception of a child later named Hope. As it turns out Hope was a very fitting name as that is it exactly what it seems to give the quirky family. It developed a loyal fan base as people fell in love with the Chances’ and people of Natesville. “Raising Hope” made a good TV comedy because of its talented cast, realistic family, and edgy humor.
One of the things that make “Raising Hope” such a good TV comedy is its talented cast. Without a talented cast any TV comedy will fall short in being able to properly deliver its humor to their audience. The most notable cast member is the Oscar and Emmy winning actress Cloris Leachman, starring as Maw Maw. She received an Emmy nomination for the role. Another notable cast member is Marth Plimpton who solidified her career by starring in the “The Goonies” as a child. Plimpton received two Emmy nominations for her role as Virginia Chance.
Though Garret Dillahunt, starring as Burt Chance, lacked the recognition before Hope he also received high praise for his roles and was nominated for a Critics Choice award. While other cast members may not have the awards or nominations, they do not lack in talent. Hope’s casting director won the 2011 Outstanding Achievement In Casting award from the Casting Society of America.
In addition, Hope’s realistic representation of a modern family aids in making it a good TV
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