Raising Minimum Wage

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The Necessity of Raising Minimum Wage How is it possible that full-time workers in America can barely make enough money to survive? Given that America is one of the most prosperous and wealthy countries in the world, it seems absurd that there are 43 million workers in America right now who are living in poverty despite working full-time jobs (“Should We Raise”). The reason for this unacceptable situation is that the minimum wage is unreasonably low and is unable to sustain someone in today’s economy. It is imperative that the minimum wage be raised in order to alleviate poverty, stimulate the economy, and keep pace with inflation. It is crucial to raise the minimum wage in order to lift people out of poverty. The current minimum wage is barely a livable wage which is why many minimum workers are below the poverty line and struggle to afford basic necessities. In fact, the yearly income of a full time minimum wage worker is below the poverty line for a single parent with a child and only marginally above the poverty line for a single person (“Should the Federal”). The minimum wage that people are trying to live off should be a livable amount and should not be keeping people at near poverty levels. Likewise, most minimum wage workers struggle just to afford the basic commodities. Bernie Sanders has stated that “there isn’t a single state in America where a full-time minimum wage worker can afford to rent a one-bedroom apartment” (“Should We Raise”). If the minimum wage is

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