Raising Minimum Wage Means Raising American Concern

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The people were going crazy when they first heard President Obama proposal to raise the minimum wage hourly pay from $7.25 an hour to $10.10 an hour. These people think that they are going to get more money in their pockets with a higher hourly wage. These people are clueless. They do not know the consequences that come with raising the minimum wage. Many people that work a minimum wage paying job are teenagers and young men and women, but higher minimum wages would make it harder for these teenagers to find jobs because the employers would hire more skilled workers. Also, almost all minimum-wage jobs are entry-level jobs that provide unskilled workers the experience they need to become more successful in the future with their career. Another reason that raising the minimum wage is a bad idea is that it hurts small business owners. Small businesses are going to have to hire less people and create fewer jobs if the minimum wage is increased, because more the more money spent on wages means less money spent on materials and other expenses. Finally, the Earned Income Tax Credit already works to lift Americans out of poverty, so raising the minimum wage would be useless. Instead of raising the minimum wage, companies should teach the employees techniques to use that will increase their knowledge and allow them to succeed in the future.
The main problem with raising the minimum wage would be the increase the population of Americans that are unemployed. A higher minimum wage
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