Raising Power Of Hitler And World War 2 Essay

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Name: Sujan Neupane Class: History 1302 Instructor: Mr. Brooks Lewellen Date: 11th November 2016 Raise in power of Hitler and World War 2 World War 2 is considered one of the most dangerous event in the world history which was even more dangerous than World War 1. There is no any exact reason or cause of World War 2 but there are several causes that lead to the World War 2. It is believed that the victory of japan over czarist Russia in Russio-japan war that held in 1904-1905 was the opening gate of the war. The Japanese victory made them confident in their attacking force which lead them to further attack in Asia and the Pacific attack. In years between the First World War and Second World War, several historic events happened. Great depression happened in United States. Countries like Germany, Italy and Japan started to make their arm force stronger in order to expand their territories. Germany wanted to expand its territory in Europe, Japan wanted to extend its territory in Asia and Italy wanted to extend its territory in Africa. After the First World War, Bolshevik revolution took place in Russia and they established themselves as a communist state. The increase in communalism in Russia was a concern for several European countries like Germany, Italy and Romania which is also considered as a cause of World War 2. World War is said to be began at September 1st of 1939 and ended at September 2nd 1945. There are several sayings that the World War 2 war simply the
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