Raising Sheep Is A Major Part Of My High School Experience

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Raising goats has been a major part of my high school experience. I purchased my first two Pygora goats, Dione and Carl, in November of my freshman year, and in the four years since then my herd has expanded to six. Being out in the barn, working, caring for the goats, cleaning, learning and teaching, has allowed me an outlet to flourish and learn by doing. This past year I decided to breed two of my goats as my Senior project. This was not my first time breeding, but it will be the first time of me making all the decisions on my own. It was certainly harder than I expected. At the end of the five month pregnancy, I learned so much about goats, nutrition and kidding (goat labor) than I had ever known before. My goals for this project were…show more content…
I already knew I wanted my girls to be bred at my 4-H leader’s, Janet Tilp’s, farm. I had bought my original two goats from her and that is where Dione had been successfully bred before. When I went to her farm to determine a buck for each girl, I had both an easy decision and a hard decision. I knew already that I wanted to breed Dione with Bing. Dione and Bing were the parents of Stella and her brother, Jack, and Dione had an easy kidding with them in 2013 and before I bought her. They produced wonderful babies, fit with the qualities of a good goat. Who I should breed Stella with was the hard choice. Stella is a smaller goat, therefore she wouldn’t do well with a larger buck, but I wanted her baby to be bigger than she was when it was full grown. I also needed a gentle buck to be nice to her, a first time mom. I was also seeking a buck with unique colorings. Stella is a black goat with a grayish fiber, and I wanted to add some diversity to my herd. I ended up deciding to breed her with Mira, a brown goat who was very sweet. I was very confident in my buck choices. A month after I decided on the bucks, I brought my girls to Janet’s farm for a six week “honeymoon,” where they would live in a spacious stall with the bucks on September 11, 2014. The price of the two breedings turned out to be $250, $125 each. To pay for the breeding, we offered to provide all the feed necessary during the six week period (four bales), and traded some

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