Raising Taxes on Tobacco and Alcohol

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Raising taxes on tobacco and alcohol The harmful effect of tobacco and alcohol are well profound and experienced in the daily lives of people across the world. It has been mentioned and medically proven that some of the deadliest conditions like liver cirrhosis and cancers are associated with the consumption of these two substances. The rate of the abuse apparently is increasing with the heightened networking of the globe and the use of these two substances has fast moved to the abuse levels rather than being a mere leisure item. This situation has brought about the need to control the intake of these substances since the devastation that they have left behind is profound. There have been health campaigns pointing accusing fingers at tobacco and alcohol (and correctly so) and the need to tame the intake of these substances. The tricky part has been how to implement this control of intake. Several approaches have been suggested and key among them that has been given a lot of airplay and attention from all sectors in the increase in the tax levied on the two substances. This, as they say, will make the access to these substances lesser and also from the tax money collected, the government will be able to cater for the health cover needs of the victims of these substances. Thesis statement The suggested and much supported increase in the tax levels for tobacco and alcohol in order to raise money to cater for the healthcare of the victims of the substances as well
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