Raising The Bar By Trey Parker And Matt Stone

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35.7 percent of the United States population is considered to be obese. With such a large number like this its no wonder that South Park has made at least one episode shining their satirical light on this issue. The episode Raising the Bar, created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, does exactly that. Like that South Park episode Radley Balko focuses on the issue of obesity in the article What You Eat Is Your Business, where he takes a point opposite of his title. South Park supports and proves Balko argument by showing the weight of obesity on insurance companies, the government, the public. While South Park may over dramatize obesity with its crude humor, it does help those understand the issue if one can understand the overall message and…show more content…
In the south park episode Eric Cartman, the nine year old morbidly obese child, ventures to Wal-Mart where he and his friends see older morbidity obese people.When Eric picks up a box of the new candy corn filled Oreo he says: “[eyes some Oreos and goes for them] Oh my God you guys, look at this! [grabs a box and reads it] Candy Corn Oreos. Oreos with candy corn filling. [closes his eyes and looks up joyfully] Holy hell yes!”Kyle then says: “Are you serious?? Look around: doesn 't this bother you at all?? [an obese man and an obese woman squeeze past each other in an aisle on their scooters.] That 's YOU one day, fatass![Stan and Kenny leave] Not even one day! If you don 't change something, that 's you! In about a year! [turns and follows Stan and Kenny away. Cartman is left alone with the Oreos and his thoughts(Trey Parker and Matt Stone).” Eric later on goes to Kyle 's house stating that he thought about what kyle said and he has decided to take action about his weight. Some will guess that Eric goes on a diet and decides to loss weight. Those of you that guessed this are wrong. Eric decides to gain more weight so he in fact will be entitled to a Rascel, the motorized wheelchairs in the show, that his insurance paid for. What South Park portrays counters the suggestion made in the article by Balko. Balko makes the points of rewarding a healthy choice but in South Park the opposite is done. Cartman was
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