Raising The Cost Of College Tuition

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Increasing College Tuition
By: Amanda Beisner
Specific Purpose Statement: To encourage my audience to consider multiple perspectives by providing my audience with information on the arguments for and against raising the cost of college tuition.
Thesis: Thousands of colleges across the country have steadily increased tuition throughout the years and Colorado State University is no different. Today I will share with you both the perspective of those that believe tuition increases are necessary and of those against it in order to help form my own opinion on the necessity of tuition increases here at CSU.
1. [Attention-Getter] Imagine a new semester is about to begin and you are thinking about the long list of things you need to do to prepare.
a. You need to finalize your class schedule and make sure you are taking the correct classes.
b. You need to purchase textbooks, pencils, notebooks, and other school supplies.
c. Finally and most importantly you need to make sure you are financially prepared to pay tuition for the semester.
2. [Reveal topic & relate to audience] With college tuition increasing year after year it is important that as college students we are informed about the arguments that both support and oppose tuition increases.
3. [Establish Credibility] As college students we all have experience paying tuition and most of us have also seen tuition increases in recent years.
a. Before researching I was unfamiliar with how exactly our tuition dollars…

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