Raising The Minimum Wage?

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The minimum wage is one of the most discussed issues around the country. Everyone has a different opinion if raising the minimum wage would help families across the country to have a better lifestyle or if would cause an unbalance in the economy. Democrats and Republicans have a different view on this issue, while Democrats supports raising the minimum wage by $15 an hour, Republicans have stated that they refuse increasing the wage because it would leave different factions of Americans outside of job opportunities and it would cause an unstable economy. The current presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton from the Democratic Party and Donald Trump from the Republican Party have differed in their opinions about the raising the economy with the minimum wage. In order to make a huge decision in the economy of the country it is necessary to see the facts and numbers to evaluate which decision would make the economy stable and grow equally.
There are a lot of opinions about raising the minimum wage, “a higher minimum wage may actually boost job creation” by Harold Meyerson, points out the benefits of increasing the minimum wage across the country, but also mentions the opinion of Republicans that are against of this issue. “A recent study by the Congressional Budget Office argued that a raise would increase the wages of 16.5 million Americans — at least 33 times the number of those who might lose jobs — and elevate 900,000 people out of poverty.” (Congressional Budget Office,…

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