Raising The Minimum Wage For America

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Raising the minimum wage for America Millions of American employees are working countless hour every week to earn inadequate wage that result in many families living in poverty or to depend on paychecks to paychecks. Bernie Sander has the right approach when he quotes “the current federal minimum wage is a starvation wage” It’s time for a change the Americans population need better wages, increase the minimum wages will benefit every American including business and economy, the greater the paycheck the ability to buy goods and services will increase Millions of working class American citizens are earning low wages which case a strong feeling of anxiety to support a growing family it time to make a change. For example, it is unacceptable and foolish to have a working American class citizen who work countless hour every week should have to come home and decide on how and what to divide the amount of meals their should eat as a family every night after a long day of work, nor what meals to skip the next day. It break me down to see how my family struggle with the budge around the house. For example on what need to be repaired around the house or when to pay the medical bills that never stop coming due to lack of income there are making. Furthermore millions of American are being slave to work overtime every week in which equal to no overtime pay which also causes stress for family to work more jobs and to depend on paychecks to paychecks not to live in poverty. which take away

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