Raising The Minimum Wage Has Always Been A Debatable Conversation? Essay

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Minimum wage has always been a debatable conversation. We question whether it should be increased so that it could keep up with living costs and move forward in our economy or let it stay the same and remain stagnant. Whole heartily, raising the minimum wage to keep up with today’s living costs will be beneficial to struggling families, help people in poverty, and even help our economy grow. This topic has been circling around since the early 1900s when Massachusetts passed the law for minimum wage. Before this, workers were working almost fifty hours a week and only making $5-$7for that whole week. After the wage was passed in the state, other states started recognizing the movement and soon after in 1938 President Franklin passed the Fair Labor Standards Act. This act set a national minimum wage of forty cents an hour. By 1960 the minimum wage peaked up to $10.69 an hour but this is 47 percent more than what it turned out to become in 2009 which set a minimum wage at $7.25 per hour. Only till 2014 did the minimum wage go up from that rate. According to Perez, “more than three-quarters of the American People believe we should increase the minimum wage according to a Gallup Poll.” (2014). Perez even states, “57 percent of entrepreneurs support raising the minimum wage to $10.10 per hour.” (2014). Unfortunately, we would have to wait two years from now in 2018 till the minimum wage of $10.10 an hour is to be effective. The problem with this, according to Gale is that
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