Raising The Minimum Wage

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A big topic of discussion recently has been the question of increasing the minimum wage. Raising the minimum wage is seen as an opportunity for people in poverty to advance in life. It is also conveyed as a simple way to boost the economy. Some cities such as Seattle and San Francisco, have already increased wages in hope to see improvements. What many naive people do not realize though, is that hidden underneath the glorified minimum wage raise is numerous flaws. US citizens would be forced to pay higher prices day to day to make up for the immense pays. Workers may also end up making even less money than before or end up not having an income at all. The hike is too major for many reasons. Raising the minimum wage is not necessary for many unskilled jobs because it would result in inflation of prices, workers having less hours, and employees being laid off. One down fall of a raised minimum wage is the possibility of inflation of prices. The money used to pay workers would need to come from somewhere. The solution to that is to raise prices. Grabbing a quick bite will become more pricey than customers bargained for. Researchers explored this concept by looking at 20 years of menus from top restaurants. The menus showed that prices had jumped 52% since 2005(Saltsman A.17). Increased food prices may lead customers to tip less causing waiters to lose money even after the minimum wage increase. Sue Vallenza is a bartender in Maine where the minimum wage increase was
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