Raising The Minimum Wage Should Not Increase The Value Of The Worker 's Labor

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"Raising the minimum wage does not increase the value of the worker 's labor. It increases the cost of the worker 's labor. And as everyone knows, the more something costs, the less of it we buy...” (Antony Davies, PhD, Associate Professor of Economics at Duquesne University, and James R. Harrigan, PhD, Senior Fellow at the Institute of Political Economy at Utah State University). In this day and age, the federal minimum wage is a very prevalent topic among Americans. Should it be raised? Or will a change like that be detrimental to our society? Facts and research both invariably prove the later. Common misconceptions about the raise must be cleared up in order to help citizens understand what is best for this country. Raising the minimum…show more content…
Another option would be cutting hours or employees altogether, forcing fewer employees to work twice as hard for half the time. Either way this ultimately hurts the minimum wage earners and lower class the most. As prices are raised everyone will have a tough time affording basic things. Even people who previously were not struggling, and especially people who were struggling to make ends meet as it was. People who were on the brink of poverty will drop down, actually expanding the lower class opposed to helping it. Therefore, those who believe that a minimum wage increase would help the poor either have not taken an economics class or just do not understand the fact that this action would cause a lot more harm than help. Minorities and unskilled employees fall victim to this idea more than others as well. Any intelligent employer, when having a tight limit on how many new employees they are able to hire, would pick the applicants that are faster, better, and more skilled. Since minimum wage paying jobs are intended to be shorter term, entry-level jobs, young teens, who honestly need the work experience more than they need the money, suffer the most. Contrary to what most advocates believe, 58.7 percent of minimum wage earners are teens (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics). Having an entry level, low-skill job is an

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