Raising Tuition Rates

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Raising Tuition Rates Tuition rates have been rising exponentially since “World War II and the GI Bill…” which allowed for, “…an explosive increase in the number and proportion of Americans who go to college” (Nathan 148). This change, though largely due to inflation, has been rising past what families can afford to pay, and has led to difficulties for students exiting high school. These difficulties have been seen by campuses, and many already have a plan to help these students pay for the rocketing tuition prices. This escalating problem has been caused by multiple entities, individuals, and ideals. Firstly, between 1985 and 1995, the federal and state funding has decreased by almost twenty-five percent, and since then has decreased to account for only fifty percent of the public university’s budget, as more of the government’s money has been allotted to the needs of the country’s healthcare, welfare, and prisons. Also, universities have increased the percentage of their budgets allocated to administration roles, mostly in an attempt to influence government and to market their degree and certificate programs (Nathan 149). Furthermore, a study performed by, “William Bowen, now president of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, attributed tuition rising faster than the rate of inflation primarily to the nature of the educational process, which did not permit academia to share in the productivity gains that caused earnings growth in the rest of society…” and to the “Winner Take
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