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Name: Rajwinder Bajwa Class: HLT-362V Date: 11/13/2014 WORKBOOK EXERCISE 23 1. What is the r value for the relationship between Hamstring strength index 60°/s and the Shuttle run test? Is this r value significant? Provide a rationale for your answer. ANSWER: The obligatory r value is -0.149 and this r value is not significant since the p-value for this correlation coefficient or r is 0.424 which is extra than 0.05 or 0.01 and henceforth at 5% and 10% both level , the null hypothesis of insignificance cannot be rejected and the assumption is the r value is not significant. 2. Consider r = 1.00 and r = −1.00. Which r value is stronger? Provide a rationale for your answer. ANSWER:…show more content…
Besides the values are displaying a stouter association secondary to upsurge in absolute r value. 9. The researchers stated that no significant relationship could be described between Hamstring strength indices 60°/s and functional stability. Given the data in Table 5, explain why not. ANSWER: It is correct as the p-values for Hamstring strength indices 60°/s and all variables remained grander than 0.05. The p-values were 0.08, 0.06, 0.424, 0.506, and 0.802. These p-values do not suggest significance at the 5% level. The r values among Hamstring strength indices 60%/s and functional solidity all are not significant at 0.05 and 0.01 both significant level. Therefore, suggests no significant connection and because of this cause, this can be conclude that not any significant connection possibly will be defined among Hamstring strength indices 60%/s and functional solidity. 10. Consider the relationship reported for the Quadriceps strength index 120°/s and the Hop index (r = 0.744**, p = 0.000). What do these r and p values indicate related to statistical significance and clinical importance? ANSWER: These r and p values specify a stout constructive statistical significance, as the r value is nearby to 1.0, and the p value is 0.0 < 0.05. Clinically this displays that as Quadriceps strength index 120°/s increases in the same manner the Hop index. It is very vital to instruct patients regarding the significance of strength teaching and workout. The r value

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