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Marketing Plan: Ralont Pill Bottle by Pills R’ US Keller Graduate School of Management MM522: Marketing Management Bojlur Rahman Alex Garcia Donald Weston Taiwo Adenuga Executive Summary The Ralont Pill Bottle is dedicated to producing newly redesigned pharmaceutical medicine bottles that offer an “at a glance” view of “what medicine” belongs to “what person” in a medicine cabinet. This redesign came about after careful years of market research against the conventional “brown bottle” used for 90% of all medicine dispensed. We believe that our “color coordinated” bottles for Male Adults, Female Adults, Male Children and Female Children are exactly what the public has been asking for, thereby meeting market demand as well…show more content…
Many of these individuals are all living longer thanks to advances in medical science as well as healthier living, and progression of preventative and combative medications. During any segment of television advertisements you can see a commercial for “ONE-A-DAY” the supplemental source for your daily vitamins and minerals for healthy living. That commercial will be followed by an advertisement for “VIAGRA” also to be taken once a day for men with erectile dysfunction which would be approximately 30 million men in the US. Finally you’ll see an advertisement for any one brand of the daily birth control pill being used by approximately 100 million women in the US. Given this above commercial break, we can see that there can be at least 3 or 4 types of daily pills in one household to be consumed on a daily basis, and especially, in a household mixed with Viagra, Aspirin, and Yasmin, you don’t want to take the wrong pill or the wrong dosage. This brings us to the Ralont Pill Bottle, where we say “Right Bottle, Right Person, Right Dosage”. As we go onto describe the bottle itself, we here at Pills R’ US have designed this product to offer the end-user a convenient, easy to recognize pill storage system that is advanced in its safety precautions and can prevent dosage errors in our daily preventative and combative medical needs. The team here at Ralont believes that the product will launch itself into the epicenter of prescription medication delivery; such that we can

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