Ralph And Jack's Relationship Essay

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From the beginning of the novel, ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding, Jack and Ralph arehas been competing for lLeadership. They are the oldest boys in the group, so it made sense to vote which one of them is chief. Ralph is more mature than most of the boys on the island. For example, Ralph sets regulations and organizes a democratic process. Unfortunately, the young boys are were not looking for someone to set rules. They were looking for entertainment. According to, Ralph is truly respectful of most of the boys, and spends a lot of his time trying to get rescued. Ralph is not commanding and manipulative like Jack. Although there was a stillness about Ralph and his attractive appearance, Jack is more compelling. He is generally…show more content…
He also has experience in leadership. “Where’s the man with the trumpet”, is Jack’s first sentence. This not only shows him being ingenuously rude, but it also shows that he is arrogant. Jack has more skills than the rest of boys which sets him apart and It’s a common assumption for a leader to have more skills than any other. He has skills in hunting which is “chilling”. When the boys chose someone different to be a leader, like Ralph, Jack did not let it go that easily. It stunned him to find himself on the losing side when he always knew himself to be a leader. “The stage was now set for a deadly competition” Ralph was the better choice for their leader because he believed in form and structure. He wanted the boys to work together so they could be rescued. Ralph attempted to get the boys to build a shelter, gather food, and operate other responsibilities for their survival, but none of the boys were motivated to do any work. In comparison, Jack just wanted to hunt and goof around on the island and ignored Ralph’s rules. Without Ralph’s leadership skills and regulations, the boys would not have survived during their time on the island. When Jack did not obey the rules, the young boys followed in his footsteps and the island became separated. The small boys went with Jack instead of Ralph and it was them against Ralph and Piggy. Ralph is the better leader because
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