Ralph Ellison 's Battle Royal

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Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal”, is nerving, historical, and suspenseful. Ralph Ellison describes the events about how the young narrator goes to a meeting of city men and thinks he would be giving the speech of a lifetime. Although he does get to give his speech at the end of the night, the narrator goes through hell to get what he would like to achieve. Ellison has the narrator go through what mirrors to be what the African-American community in the twentieth century is shaping to be. Through the violence, Ralph Ellison, and the narrator had found voice and determination of dreams.
Within the short story of “Battle Royal,” there is a great deal of violence, a lateral mirror image to the different events that had been happening within the mid-twentieth century. Violence is one of the historic events in the mid-twentieth century. The violence is a prominent fixture throughout the short story, just like the twentieth century. The image is clearer, the twentieth-century riots, the violence against the African-American community, the police brutality that still lingers around, and the fight for equality. But it really starts to hit home when the small and naive narrator starts to brawl with the man twice his size, Tatlock. The high city men want to see the brawl of a lifetime, they throw the petite and hesitant boys in a ring to fight. With many of the boys on hands and knees exiting the brawl you see the narrator left by himself with Tatlock, “I felt myself bombarded with
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