Ralph Ellison 's Battle Royal

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Crushed Into Invisibility; Ralph Ellison’s “Battle Royal” Invisible Man begins with the claim that he, our narrator, is an "invisible man". His invisibility was not manifested by a physical condition but rather by the result of the refusal of others to see him. The Chapter, “Battle Royal” is about our protagonist who forced unknowingly to embrace this invisibility as a way to survive in a world of Southern racism. In this “Battle Royal” young black men forced to look at a naked white woman with an American flag painted on her stomach parades about. Then thrust blindfolded boxing match of black men. Then after being bloodied and bruised they are shocked, and burned by a rug covered in money. An even after that forced to be humiliated while trying to say speech that was the only reason our narrator was there. Burned, blooded, bruised, tried, and humiliated our narrator only walks away tricked, to in the end find out that is was all for “To whom it may concern... Keep this nigger-boy running”. (105) Invisible Man’s; “Battle Royal” is dark, and even if saying so may be redundant i feel as though it were necessary. All of Battle Royal’s time takes place is in a dark limelight lit pit hidden away god knows where. Throughout the chapter this pit is use to push the young black men out of the shadow of society, only be crushed by hatred and racism right back into it. Persisting even as far as they couldn’t even collect their “prize” without being tortured. To our narrator this
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