Ralph, Jack, Piggy -Lord of the Flies

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Ralph, Jack and Piggy, the three main characters in the Lord of the flies encounter with each of their different personalities. Despite their similar ages, they take distinct reaction towards their situation because of their different growing environment. In this isolated and uncivilized island especially with no grown-ups, the development of their characteristics varies in different directions. When the events burst out one by one in chapter one to three, we can discover the contrast between Ralph and Jack and Piggy as the role of an outsider. In the essay, the characteristics of three of them will be discussed, as well as the indication for aggressive Jack among them to be advancing more rapidly toward savagery than the other boys.

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What is more, he tells Piggy to shut up and says that the couch does not count on the mountaintop. However, he emphasizes about the importance of keeping rules later on, he simply apply the rules which satisfy himself. In addition, he acts excitingly to agree the rules, when Ralph talks about setting fire, he leads the boys to rush up to the mountain to get wood. His action can be described as rash and irrational as he is just as childish as the other boys. It can be concluded that his desire for leading and controlling is strong.

His aggressive and impulsive image can be found throughout the three chapters. On the way of the exploration of the island, he draws his knife to kill the piglet but stops as his inexperience of bloodletting. He is furious afterward and claims that the next time ‘there would be no mercy’ for killing. Besides, he ‘slammed his knife into a trunk and looked round challengingly’ and says they’ll hunt it and kill the beastie which scares the boy. His attitude is fierce. A reflection of savage further uplifts his aggressive quality. It comes from his way of hunting which is wild, dog-like, he even crouched with his face or sniff the pig dropping. In Jack’s point of view, what he wants is meat and how to hunt the pigs. He gets mad with Ralph for the conflict concerning the priority of hunting, rescue faints in his mind.

Despite his role of leading the choir boy, he is not as thoughtful as Ralph.
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