Ralph Waldo Emerson: Personal Code Of Conduct

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Imitating Conduct

My last official conduct grade was in elementary school. The conduct grade was always the one I most feared. Sometimes, my impulsive actions were not appreciated by the teachers. Energy conservation was not something I had mastered. Freedom I experienced at home to wander about and join in conversation was not duplicated in the school environment. It was against my nature to sit quietly for hours in a day, yet, apparently that is what it took to get a good conduct grade. My Bs and Cs in subjects were forgiven more easily than poor conduct. In the business environment there are consequences to poor conduct that are much worse than the punishment I received as a young child. This paper will examine the process of writing code of conduct documents to be useful as a standard in directing personal and professional conduct.
Ralph Waldo Emerson reminded us of a truth about how
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The absolute truths, defined by the word of God, are the basis for my values. I believe God is good and he created me in his image to be good. Based upon my Christian worldview the following is my personal code of conduct.
My personal code of conduct
• I will be good to others. I am part of a whole. My life has always depended on the actions of others and I have been blessed by their decisions to be good to me. No action I take affects only me. My actions move the whole towards a good outcome. I am part of God’s creation. I am part of a Christian body. I am part of a family. I am part of a society. I am part of business. My actions have to be constructive towards the will of God.

• I will ask for help. There are times when seeking more knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and admitting I am ill equipped for a circumstance is the best action I can take. Going blindly into an unknown threat with my ego in charge could lead to destruction. Trusting God and others to help me will build my strength so I, in turn, can help

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