Ralph Waldo Emerson: Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone

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Ralph Waldo Emerson's idea that you do not grow as a person unless you step out of your boundaries or what you are comfortable with is true. Whether it be in sports or with friends, going outside of your comfort zone and making new experiences is very important to a balanced and healthy life. Based on my experiences, in sports that I participate in, stepping out of your comfort zone makes the best memories, stories, and betters you as a person. I thought that I was a really good snowboarder until I decided to step out of my comfort zone and entered a new section of the mountain, it challenged my skills and was scary at first, but now that I have learned something new, I am even better than I was before and had alot of fun learning…show more content…
Socially, stepping out of what you think you know is a great way to meet new friends and enjoy life. Going to parties and meeting new people broadens your life and allows you to have new experiences. Another example is when my friends and I thought that we had mastered the sport of paintball, so we decided to try something different. One sunday we all decided to challenge ourselves and go on a hike near the Potomac river in DC. That hike was thrilling because it was new, it showed my friends and I a different perspective of the area around us and allowed us to see the world a little differently. Some might say that sticking to what you know best will mean that you never have to fail. However, dealing with failure is an important thing to overcome in life, not just once but failing multiple times is truly the first step to success. Also, when a person stays in a specific niche, activity, or workplace that they have perfected, it will only lead to the same experiences day after day, trying something new will have you feeling the achievment of conquering a fear or make you want to master another activity or even a class. So, as Ralph Waldo Emerson's quote suggests, new experiences and exciting stories can come out of leaving what you
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