Ralph Waldo Emerson 's Nature

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Ralph Waldo Emerson 's "Nature" This paper discusses four literary elements in Ralph Waldo Emerson 's work, entitled "Nature". It is an essay that attempts to make people establish a deeper bond with nature and accept it for what it is. Men continually becomes busy with daily lives because of modern advancements and increasing number of endeavors. In the process, they tend to ignore nature and forget giving back to it by being ungrateful of its generosity. Various perspectives were discussed in the essay. Through the literature 's view, Emerson have founded the ideas of transcendentalism, which is a systematic belief that appreciates the beauty of nature through divinity. Its status is emphasized as being merged with the creator. Transcendentalism stresses that concepts of reality can only be understood through deep studies and reflection in relation to nature. Through the key ideas mentioned and explained in the essay "Nature", this paper aims to analyze Emerson 's work by analyzing four literary elements in the literature, which includes setting, tone, style and point of view. One of the important literary element is setting. It depicts the place and time in which the work is placed. The essay 's setting is situated in the reflective view of Emerson regarding nature. Although the author just provided his thoughts regarding the subject matter, he attempted to put the reader in the setting of nature to completely comprehend the reflections in his ideas. He makes this
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