Ralph Waldo Emerson's High School Career

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Emerson first struck me as a humble and quiet young scholar who could even come off as a bit shy. However, I realized soon after that his modesty masks an intense passion for the lifelong pursuit of knowledge. If I were to describe Emerson in one word, the best option would be “well-rounded”, but I feel that this general description does not suffice for such a unique and distinguished character, whom I have the proud pleasure of calling my student. As long as I’ve known him, Emerson has more than made his mark in his high school career. He has continuously challenged himself with the most difficult classes offered at our school, and has come out with some of the highest grades on every occasion. Every year he has consistently earned a near 100 GPA, with his most current being a 99. This is an…show more content…
Furthermore, he is participating in the ACE Mentor Program of Massachusetts, where he among other students of different schools work to design and build a building in the Boston area. On top of all of this, Emerson was also on the school Track team and Cross-country team, is currently the lead role in the upcoming school play, and occasionally teaches himself how to play the piano. Emerson’s background is also quite notable. His family hails from El Salvador, and although he has lived in a notoriously unsafe part of Chelsea, MA, he has grown up to be a shining example of perseverance against frightening odds and a highly influential neighborhood. It is also worth mentioning that his older brother, Lennin, had also been well known at this school for being a fantastic student in every desirable aspect. Knowing both students, Emerson reflects many of his brother’s characteristics, and even excels in some qualities. His brother is currently attending Princeton
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