Ralph's Monologue

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I knew I had to do something as Ralph knocked Phil over. So I pulled my dog whistle out of my pocket and blew as hard as I could. It hurt to see Ralph in pain, however, it hurt even more to see the light in his eyes change to evil slits as he grasped Richard's arm. He halted, suddenly, and shook his head heavily. That's when I charged at him, swiped the chain from my bag, and flung it around Ralph. I could tell he was becoming dizzy as I constricted it, but I kept going. I knew I had to make him black out, I had to. So I did. I gave the chain a final tug and stepped back. I knew his vision was almost black as he tried to thrust himself at me. Instead, he launched in the wrong direction and flew of the small cliff. He went crashing
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Such as fear, anger, sadness, stress, or being trapped.” “I see, so if we make him feel fear, then his heart rate will speed up. So if we make him calm, it will slow down, causing him to change back. He needs serious medical care urgently and will need to be delivered to the hospital.” “Do you agree to this plan?” “Only if you don't tell my family.” “Fine, we have a deal.”
He rushed off and I followed him. We went in to see Ralph. He had his eyes rolled back in his head and the vet grabbed something off the desk and shot it in his chest. Suddenly the monitor gave a beep and his heart rate steadied. “Now I know you are not lying. Otherwise that would have killed him… Amazing.” “Told you.”
Suddenly there was a slight wind and I watched as Ralph changed back to his original form. The vet was amazed. His jaw dropped to the floor. I was also then that I saw what he looked like in human form. It was worse than anything I had ever seen even worse than he looked before. A sob escaped me, for I knew he would never truly look the same. Even in the hospital, as he was put into an even deeper sleep with a shot, they said he would never be the
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