Ram 's Morality And Morality

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Cullen Lemieux
Period 2
World literature
Mr. Neely
Ram’s Morality Many people struggle or debate over the topic of morality, and many people are mistaken as to who really judges what is moral or immoral. The only person who can decide whether an act is morally right or wrong is God. Within Slumdog Millionaire, there are many actions and ideas that can be considered morally good or morally bad according to the Christian views of morality. Ram Muhammad Thomas is debated over when it comes to the topic of Christian moral views. He shows aspects of both sides in the moral boundary. Within Slumdog Millionaire Ram shows that he is an immoral person through his thoughts, actions, and motives. Morality is often referred to as decision-making and the difference between right and wrong. There are many aspects to Christian morality such as the practice of freedom, the understanding of moral acts, the formation of conscience, and above all realization of sin. Additionally, when referring to the practice of freedom when it pertains to the topic of morality, it is usually talking about the responsibility that is gained to be created in the image and likeness of God (“Morality”). In order to practice responsible freedom we must do things that would keep us in a more intimate relationship with God, such as going to church and getting baptized (“Morality”). When God created us he gave us the knowledge so we may choose to act "good" and ultimately share in his plan (“Morality”). Freedom is
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