Rama's Initiation

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The story, “From the Ramayana “Rama’s Initiation,” by Valmiki is Hindu mythology.The story of how one of their Gods, Rama initiated his era. The story began as the sage Viswamithra came to the kingdom and asked the king if he could take Rama with him. He plans to go and do a ritual in a sacred place that has been under come by demons, and he wants someone to go with him to protect him while he performs. In tail, Viswamithra wants Rama to go with him, and with a little convincing Rama, his brother and Viswamithra go on their journey to Sidhasrama. The problem is that Sidhasrama has been taken over by a powerful demon, Thataka. Thataka used to be the daughter of a Demi-God. She eventually married and had two sons, which the three ran off and
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