Ramayana Analysis Essay

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The Ideal Individual in the Classic Age of India The Classic Age of India was an era where the values of society were based on the religious duty of one man and the purity of a woman. In "the Ramayana of Valmiki” , Rama and Sita are portrayed as individuals with ideal characteristics and ethical behavior in the view of the Indian culture. Rama is considered a reincarnation of divinity and a man of solemn duty; Sita is the symbol of obedience and chastity. The moral elements of each character are presented through many difficult challenges that test both Rama and Sita. The actions and decisions of both characters through the text show how Indian culture described its
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Though the concept of suicide is considered in the Indian philosophy as the worst of all sins, Sita is so noble and determined to her servitude that she cannot find a purpose or duty to live on without her love, Rama. When Hanuman arrives and finds Sita, he recognizes how “Sita is utterly confident in the ability of Rama and Laksmana to rescue her; and hence she is tranquil even in this misfortune” (936). Hanuman recognizes that Sita is an extraordinary character as she keeps herself loyal to Rama and even in grief she was able to maintain herself alive with the thoughts of reuniting with Rama, after all, it is the duty of Rama to fight all the demons of the land and to rescue Sita. Even when Sita is forced to be with Ravana, she sits and refuses to commit what is considered “unworthy in the eyes of a chaste wife” (937). Another important factor of Sita is her compassion and her ability to forgive. Sita declares that she lives only for Rama and that she learned to have compassion because of him, she says “Have you no compassion for me: it was from you I learnt that compassion is the greatest virtue!” (945). When Sita was rescued, Hanuman asks her whether or not he should kill the demonesses who

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