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Ramayana and some of the Hindu virtues derived from it The poetic author, Valmiki, does not calls Rama "the perfect man" in his well known tale of Ramayana for no reason. For this story has been a legendary epic that many generations of the Hindu culture have been modeling their society after, for over two thousand years. It has been an influential teaching for children and scholars of all ages because of its simplicity and exemplary concepts and virtues of the Hindu people. From childhood most Indians learn the characters and incidents of this epic and they furnish the morals, ideals and wisdom of common life. This epic helps to bind
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He handles the situation with remarkably patient and wise attitude and says to his stepmother, "I gladly obey father's command …Why, I would go even if you ordered it.". By doing this, he shows characteristics of great piety to his parents and the lack of desire to be a powerful and authoritative rich ruler, all while knowing that he is giving up his righteous turn to rule the kingdom since he is the oldest of the four sons of the king. Instead, he willingly goes off into exile - forest infested with evil spirits whom he battles with the power of good and defeats. As in most of the Eastern world, this example of respect being paid to elders, parents, authorities (no matter what one is commanded to do) is very important in one's 'faith'; and the fact that one successfully wards off evil, gives him/her the title of a cultural model hero, just as seen in Rama's case. Rama's casual attitude about going off into the forest for fourteen years also shows his asceticism - the will to give up his material, emotional and physical attachments. His peaceful and patient attitude towards his life is vivid due to his enduring wisdom. For he goes beyond the material and physical world

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