Rambo: A Short Story

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Once upon a time there was a pitbull named Rambo. He was a high class that was basically. Since his owners spoiled him it usual for Rambo to receive exclusive equipment like the newest chew toys, leashes, and doggie clothing (sweaters, jackets, and accessories). With all of this stuff Rambo would have fun and play with it all by himself. So lonely all by himself. Rambo began to become depressing so the owners decided to take him to the dog park. Rambo was filled so much with joy that he could explode.
Hoping to make some friends, Rambo packs just about all of his toys in the car. When Rambo arrived at the dog he saw some friendly dogs. He thought to himself ‘finally i will never be lonely again’, but Rambo should have thought twice. Little did Rambo know, everyone was afraid of pitbulls because of the many stories about them and his mean looking face. So when the big scary pit went to the middle of the park with all of his every other dog in the park stared at him. Rambo was embarrassed, but he tried to play it cool and started playing all by himself, lonely. After about 40 minutes of loneliness Rambo bo finally
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Rambo got angry and let out the loudest bark known to dogs. “You didn’t ask for that”, Rambo cried. Roscoe whimpered because of the terrifying bark that Rambo let out and Roscoe began to run away. “No wait you can…”, Rambo stated “Nevermind”. Rambo then began to walk away depressed and lonely but just as he picked up his monkey toy a chihuahua name Alice walked up to him and ask “Hey can I have that?”, Rambo thought about it and he replied “Sure”. Alice then saw they frisbee and asked “ Are you any good at catching this frisbee”. “Oh I guess” Rambo replied. “Well you aren’t busy you can come play with us, we need an extra player cause King went home”, Alice considered. Trying to keep cool Rambo added, “Well if you guys won’t be scared of me then
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