Rambo Survivors

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With all our cities destroyed and the remnants of humanity on the run urban chaos and failed evacuations will have killed millions in the first day alone. Scavenged supplies such as canned foods, clean water, flashlights, batteries and knives become vital to basic survival. But, the real key to surviving long term is other people so you’re gonna need to join a group of some sort. Unless of course that is you're some kind of Rambo combat vet with psychological issues and decide to go it alone. Or pre-the event you were just a plain old miserable twat who preferred their own company, daytime T.V and doing jigsaw puzzles rather than being down the pub with your mates. In which case, you are either going to be in your element on your own or in…show more content…
Most people will not have a clue about surviving let alone thriving, which is going to make for some interesting times. It is said that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing but in this regard a little knowledge could just save your life. So, start swatting up now whilst you have the time to do so. The so called experts advise that in the event of an invasion by aliens to survive we would need to leave the bright lights of the cities and towns (not that there will be much to leave once they’ve finished eradicating the shit out us) and head to the darkness provided by such places as mountain ranges, jungles and deserts. No shit Sherlock. I get evacuating the hot spots I do. But what madness would possess a person to suggest that salvation is to be found in the planets most inhospitable and dangerous locations. Unless you are desert dweller or have spent all your life living in the Amazon then you will not have the skill sets to survive in such places. So, fuck knows what knowledge it is the experts think we will have, in the absence of the internet and books we've got no hope. And as for vestiges of technology I doubt very much that there will much, if anything left by the time the aliens have finished with
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