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Ramon Astorga Professor Sarhadi History 101 02 March 2014 The Aztec Empire The Aztec civilization was the most dominate complex society in Mesoamerica of all time. The Aztecs were an innovative and sophisticated civilization that became superior due to their elaborate engineered cities, pyramids, and temples. Their proficiency in trade, expertise in agriculture, religious traditions, organized government, and progressive technology set a firm foundation for the distinguished Aztec empire. The Aztecs, arrived in Mesoamerica in the beginning of the 13th century. They were a northern tribe that began as hunter gathers. In 1428, the Aztecs formed a triple alliance with both the Texcocans and the Tacubans to defeat their rivals to rule over…show more content…
The Aztec tribute system, was scattered throughout central Mexico, in highly diverse environmental and cultural regions that were under the control of Aztecs. These controlled regions provided an imperial powers for the Aztecs as well as a regular flow of tribute goods. Tributes varied in many forms, including valuable textiles, and many different foods such as, maize, beans, chiles, cacao, honey, and most importantly war prisoners (US History.org Staff). The Aztecs had human beings for sacrificial rituals. Aztec society was based on agriculture, and influenced by religion that encircled life of the Aztec empire. The Aztecs were polytheistic and worshipped gods that represented natural forces. These sacrifices were vital to their agricultural economy. All of the sacrifices were at a giant stone pyramids topped by temples where sacrifices were provided the gods. Human sacrifice played an important role to the indigenous tribes in the central Mexico. However, the Aztecs brought human sacrifice to excessive deaths that had never been practiced before. The Mexica Indians and other indigenous tribes believed it was necessary to constantly gratify the gods through human sacrifice. They performed this ritual spilling the blood of human beings onto the ground. The priests believed it was a way paying tribute to the gods for the weather, and good crops. If the blood flowed, then the sun would rise each morning. This would allow the crops would grow, and the gods would

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