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Ramona Alexander, having graduated from Liberty University, surely has a firm understanding of the word of God and the acceptance of a job with Next Step would place her in a position where her faith could possibly be compromised. She has done her research in gathering information about the company so as not to make a decision solely based off of one source and has even went as far as to ask the recruiter about the validity of some of the statements she’d read on the internet. I would advise her not to sign the contract on the basis of the Bible and her spiritual and moral values and the lack of those represented by Next Step.
In examining this from a spiritual point of view we find that everything that Next Step represents is in direct contradiction
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During the pep rally the CEO proved to be a hypocrite as he told his employees about how much he cared about people and in the same breath told the crying infant’s mother to show some consideration to everyone else in attendance and remove her child from the room. He then went on to purport himself in a God-like manner by stating that they were there to offer salvation to lazy Americans. I see no offer of salvation to anyone when the overall objective of the company is personal gain at the expense of others. Moving on to the recruiter’s comments we witness a form of religious discrimination as he states that because Ramona was a Liberty grad, the company assumed she was a Christian, and that she could likely “talk the talk” needed to bring in new southern distributors. In my opinion I see Next Step as wanting to hire her based solely on her religious beliefs in hopes of obtaining southern distributors. Now that I’ve discussed why Ramona should not sign the contract from a spiritual perspective I will now explain why I would advise her not to do so from an ethical
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