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Rampart Scandal By: Cindy Medina Cindy Medina CJCU 403 John Strain April 15, 2012 Rampart Scandal in the LAPD Department Growing up everyone has been told stories of cops and how they represent being hero’s. Cops are supposed to save peoples lives and stand up against crime and violence but the stores we have been told are not exactly one hundred percent correct. The LAPD was involved in one of the most talked about scandals known as the Rampart Scandal where many police officer where involved in the beating, racial discrimination, and racial profiling. Although many people had experienced the brutal actions of the LAPD officer, the Rampart Scandal opened the eyes of many people who were not…show more content…
The man went to the hospital after the beating and reported that the LAPD officer and his partner beat him until he vomited blood. Another event that led to the Rampart scandal was in November 6, 1997 when $722,000 was stolen from a Bank of America in Los Angeles. Later the bank manager confessed that her boyfriend, a LAPD officer, played a major role and planned the robbery. The officer was taken to prison for 14 years. In March 1998 the next event occurred when six pounds of cocaine evidence was missing from the Los Angeles Police Department. The LAPD chief officer, Bernard Parks, started to question the missing evidence and focused his investigation in CRASH officer Rafael Perez. Later in the investigation it became cleat that another pound of cocaine went missing from the evidence room right after an arrest was made by office Frank Lyga, the officer who shot Kevin Gains. It was believed that officer Perez soled the cocaine in retaliation to the death of Gaines that was caused by Lyga. Later is was confirmed that other incidents occurred where Perez switched the cocaine evidence with Bisquick, a pancake mix. Perez was later charged but made a deal with the prosecutors where he pled guilty to the cocaine theft but provided information about other CRASH officers who have also been involved in illegal activities. Perez provided information about 70 officers who were involved in some kind of
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