Rampart Scandal

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The Rampart Scandal When officers from the Los Angeles Police Department's Internal Affairs bureau began shadowing Rafael Perez, watching their fellow cop steal massive amounts of cocaine from evidence lockers in order to sell it on the street, investigators thought they had a major misconduct case on their hands. They didn't know the half of it. The perception of the Los Angeles Police Department has ranged from being the best police force in the United States to being a blatant racist agency. The scandals that have surrounded the agency have taken a toll on the image of the department, The Rampart scandal added to community mistrust of the LAPD, overturned 100 criminal cases, cost the city upwards of tens of millions of dollars in…show more content…
We urge that the leadership of the LAPD go beyond rhetoric in carrying out its existing policies against excessive force. From the Chief of Police down to the sergeants, this means taking a firm stand against the "bad guys" on the force and employing all the instruments available training, discipline, assignments, and promotion... We recommend a new standard of accountability (1991, xiii-xiv) The Rampart Scandal It is difficult to fathom that a scandal so large, with grand implications not only for the LAPD but for urban law enforcement in general, was ignited by one man's attempt to save his own skin. Back in 1999, confronted by the evidence Internal Affairs had against him, the officer sought to cut a deal. In exchange for a sweetheart sentence and immunity against further prosecution, he would tell them about misconduct at the forces Rampart division. Perez talked for more than 50 hours, telling the investigators not only about police pushing drugs, but also about officers routinely beating up civilians, framing suspects, and killing alleged gang members without provocation. If the severity of the misconduct was not shocking enough, Perez also claimed that such behavior was commonplace in his entire division - the Rampart station unit of an elite anti-gang program called CRASH

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