'Ranch Girl' Arguing from Experience

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Essay I: Arguing from Experience; Hopeless Romance

“I don’t care too much for money, for money can’t buy me love,” John Lennon. This is one of the many but powerful quotes given to us by the late John Lennon. Lennon, who was a strong advocator for love and peace during the war torn 1960’s, and inspired a whole generation with his songs. The ultimate question in finding love is deciding when you believe it is worth making a stand for it. More often than not people are unrealistic in projecting their future, especially when it involves a significant other. “Ranch Girl”, a short story written by Maile Meloy, tells the story of a young girl’s dilemma of deciding on when to give up on hopeless love. This somber and sad tale depicts many
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The main character’s foolishness in planning around someone else, leads her to pass up on multiple opportunities. She could have applied for grad school and gone to live by the beach. She also could have taken a research job in Chicago that her chemistry professor kept calling about. She even had an opportunity to go to Zihuatenejo, Mexico to be a nanny for Haskell’s friends. She lets all of these chances to better her life and leave Montana pass her by because she foolishly invested part of her life to make herself available to Andy Tyler. Although the main character also had many chances to leave Montana after Andy’s death, she chose not to. She feels at peace there. She stays in her comfort zone because Montana is all she has ever known. Had she gone to an Eastern school, she would have taken the first and most important step to leaving that small Montana town and branching out into a world that was unknown.
I also foolishly made the mistake of planning my future around someone that now isn’t a part of my life. In high school I dated the same boy for three years. Our senior year we began talks of going to college together. I graduated in the top ten percent of my class, therefore qualifying me for automatic admission to the University of Southern California. Because my boyfriend hadn’t, he was planning to attend the local community college. So on that fateful summer day I decided I would bypass
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