Rancho Solano Private School ( Rsps )

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Rancho Solano Private School (RSPS) had the reputation of being a high level academic institution which had a robust and advanced curriculum. RSPS was recognized as having high quality educators as well as a state-of-art campus. In 2007, the private school joined with the Meritas Family of Schools. In 2010, RSPS started its’ International Baccalaureate Programme School. In 2013, RSPS’s reputation started to decline with the sudden retirement announcement of the head of the school and the concern within the community that the school was closing. Continued poor communication, inadequate fiscal management and lack of honestly eventually led to the demise Meritas Family of Schools in Arizona. In order to restructure and reestablish the Meritas Family of Schools in Arizona, three subsystems within the organization need to be reformed. The governance subsystem needs to clearly identify their core values, create an open and honest atmosphere, as well as consistently support their educators and curriculum by providing policies and resources to meet the needs of the organization (Reigeluth, 1995). The administrative subsystem needs to identify and support the development of a robust curriculum, as well as work in collaboration with the community, staff, parents and students to identify and maintain the goals of the organization. The instructional subsystem will need to design programs that are aligned with the state standards and offer high standards of education that will engage…
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