Randolph County History

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Randolph County, also known as Piedmont Plateau, was created by an act of Alabama General Assembly on December, 18, 1832. The county is named for John Randolph, a former Virginia statesman. The county is named in Wedowee in 1834-35. The county encompasses 585 square miles. Randolph County had many popular towns which were, Rock Mills, Louina, Wadley, Wedowee, Graham, and a town that was taken that is now known as Clay Central. With Randolph County having gold, copper, Mica, tin, graphite, Kaolin, and Iron; Randolph County was one of the richest counties in state. The first white settlers noted that the county had an abundance of the “purest and coldest water in the world.” The county was developed for agriculture, specifically cotton plantations.
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