Randolph County Humane Research Paper

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The Randolph County Humane Society houses 64 pets for adoption, 54 of which are eligible for sponsorship. By sponsoring a pet, you choose to either pay to feed that pet for a month, a medical exam, getting spayed or neutered, or just a general sponsorship. 29 cats, 31 dogs, 3 mice, and 1 rat are currently housed for adoption. Most of the pets that are eligible for sponsorship are the ones up for adoption. 26 of the cats, 30 of the dogs and the mice are the ones eligible for sponsorship. Of all the animals, 2 dogs and 2 cats have special needs. For example, one of the cats is epileptic (Welcome! - Randolph County Humane Society). The humane society wants all the care and safety of the animals. The employees there value the animals care…show more content…
The street that the humane society is on is sketchy, houses were run down. About every 5 to 6 houses were kept up. The people living there were grungy looking, some looked like they may or may not have been on drugs. The animals that the people owned barked all the time and even just walking around, not in a cage or even in the house. Some of the house’s doors were just open as if they didn’t care if someone did come in. With the place in a sketchy neighborhood, people aren’t willing to go to the humane society. People aren’t coming to the humane society to adopt the animals and the ones that do go are college students that aren’t supposed to have pets. Most of the students don’t have the money to keep the animal healthy anyways, they go just to have something to do with their…show more content…
On the outside of the building, wire cages were built to keep cats, most of the cats were inside though. One of the cages only housed little baby kittens, while the other one housed bigger cats. For the cats that were housed on the inside, they clean them every morning. If the blankets in the cages were wet or had poop on them, they would wash them, but if nothing was wrong then they would leave them in there. Some of the cages had 2 or more cats on one, while others only had one cat. There was a room connected to it where they did the washing, that includes the blankets and dishes. While I was there, I could open the cages and take the cats out and play with them. Most of the cats were playful and wanted to get out. When I would come close to the cage the cats would reach their paws out and try to bring you close so you would pet them and others were just lying or sitting down not even paying attention to me. There are so many cats in that on building that not all of them are able to be inside and while the ones inside are inside there still isn’t enough room for each cat to have their own cage. The humane society could use some donations to build up or add to the
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