Random Acts of Kindness: Helping Homeless People

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Random Acts of Kindness: Helping Homeless People I help people every day. Some of the things I have done for people have been big things. I helped my father build a home. I helped my relatives by co-signing on a car loan. These were big things, but they were not completely selfless actions because, when I help my family, I am also helping myself. When my family does better, it puts me in a position of doing better. Also, when I help my family or close friends, I do so knowing that they would help me, too. That is not the case when I help someone who is not in a position to help me and who is unlikely to be in a situation to repay the gesture. I consider those helping opportunities to be random acts of kindness. One of the random acts of kindness that I did was to help homeless people. Homeless people are easy to ignore. They do not go to the same places that I go. When we are in the same places, most homeless people that I have seen try to shrink into the background. Even those homeless people that are begging for money seem to try to do it in a non-intrusive way. They may have a hand-painted sign asking for help, but few of them make an effort to interact with others. They know that they are viewed with suspicion. Some people think of them as a nuisance. For the most part, they are dirty, many of them are suffering from mental illnesses, and it becomes easy to lump them into a category of people, rather than viewing them as individual human beings. Therefore, when a
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