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Inspiring What’s Next. >> annual report 2014 t’s ha t. W ex N Maxis Berhad Annual Report 2014 We Are Maxis We are the leading communications service provider in Malaysia, enabling both individuals and businesses to connect and communicate anytime and anywhere. We are passionate about what we do, and obsessed with providing an unmatched experience to our customers. Our customers enjoy a superior Internet experience, make voice calls and text, and immerse themselves in an ever expanding universe of connected applications on the most advancedcellular network, encompassing 3G and 4G LTE technologies. Our passion drives us to innovate and market services that are worry-free and ‘Always On’ for our…show more content…
Everything we do is tried and tested.” Maxis Berhad Annual Report 2014 How We’ve Performed Mobile Subscriptions Service Revenue 8.2 RM billion 12.9 million Challenging transformation year; operational indicators trending up Growing revenue generating subscriptions again in second half 2014 EBITDA 1 Mobile Internet Users 4.2 RM billion 8.8 million Impacted by lower service revenue and higher marketing spend to support business Modernised network supporting faster data speed PAT 2 CAPEX 3 1.7 RM billion Impacted by lower EBITDA and accelerated depreciation on network modernisation Notes: 1 Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortisation 2 Profit After Tax 3 Capital Expenditure 6 1.1 RM billion Commitment towards superior network and service experience view the full results on maxis.com.my/investor Overview Our Business Strategic Review Corporate Governance Financial Statements Other Information Financial Highlights 2013-2014 YOY 2014 2013 2012 Change Revenue 8,389 9,084 8,967 (7.7%) Service revenue 8,229 8,514 8,539 (3.3%) FINANCIAL RESULTS Financial Indicators (RM’m) EBITDA 4,229 4,310 4,359 (1.9%) Normalised EBITDA (1) 4,207 4,522 4,359 (7.0%) Profit from operations 2,816 2,825
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