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BURNS Disasters Once a disaster is declared, then the disaster is classified according to the level of response needed to cope with the situation. This incident is declared a Level I disaster according to the local community disaster plan. [pic][pic][pic] 1. Which action is included when a Level I disaster is declared? All local hospitals prepare to receive casualties. Feedback: Classification as a Level I disaster indicates that local emergency response personnel and organizations can contain and effectively manage the disaster and its aftermath. Disasters are categorized into three levels, namely minor, major, and catastrophic disasters. Minor Disaster (Level I): A disaster that falls within the response capabilities of…show more content…
[pic] The emergency department RN evaluates Harmony and determines the percentage of body surface burned according to the Rule of Nines. Her injuries include deep partial-thickness and full-thickness burns on her lower abdomen and on both of her anterior and posterior lower legs. [pic][pic][pic] 6. The PN should expect to see which percentage of body surface documented in Harmony’s hospital record? 45%. Feedback: According to the Rule of Nines, the lower extremities are 18% each, and the abdomen is 9%, Therefore, if the abdomen (9%) and both legs (36%) are burned, the total percentage is 45%. [pic] The emergency department physician inserts a central venous catheter via the subclavian vein and prescribes Lactated Ringer's solution at 1,000 ml/hr via infusion pump. Legal Considerations A police officer comes to the emergency department nursing station and asks to speak to Harmony Andrews concerning the accident because she was sitting at the front of the bus and may have witnessed the accident. [pic][pic][pic] 7. Which action should the PN take? Inform the officer that he must first speak to Harmony’s parents. Harmony is a minor, so her parents must be present when she is talking to a representative of the police department. [pic] The police officer then asks to see Harmony’s emergency room medical record. [pic][pic][pic] 8. Which
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