Randomly Select Films From Netflix Popular Movie Section

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Randomly select films from Netflix popular movie section between the years 2007 to 2017. This experiment will be coding for differences in male and female lead roles in movies, also compare the frequency of male and female lead roles.
From the day we are born, whether you are male or female, we are constantly influenced by the word around us. Our environments feed us information that we conceptualize and store, ultimately aiding in the development of one’s ego, which is obtained by what we subconsciously perceive about ourselves through social and environmental influences.
This concept is explained in social psychology a major influence being: conformity. Conformity means to “comply with conventions or modeling your behavior
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This project will analyze gender-stereotypes with an emphasis on conformity, to better understand the characteristics and frequency of leading male and female roles in movies.
Early-Present Gender Stereotypes in Film
Male and female gender roles have been stereotyped in film for generations. “The 1940s brought a closing to World War II. Men were returning home to their wives, and starting families. After four years of wartime instability, both women and men seemed to want to return to a patriarchal order, with women in the home” (Banner, 2005). Even though the gender roles were a reflection of the times, over the years the roles persisted to present males as the successful “bread-winner”, assertive, and praised by his family and friends. Women reflected the domestic, nurturing, and dainty secondary role. The media and movie influence was that marriage should be a priority, and that caring for the family came along with the marriage. Women openly complied to these stereotypes and idolized the suburban house-wife image that was portrayed in popular genre’s (i.e. comedy, drama, and romance).
Approaching the late 1960’s, the male stereotypes in film kept the same dominant essence with an emphasis on hero qualities that gave rise to the action and adventure genre. This was also a reflection of the times, which created a butterfly affect to influence American

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